Elena VEDERNIKOVA's works of 2005

Postcard with a batic,
the size 14х12 sm, the price for one postcard - 10 $
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Batik Spring

Batik "Spring"
The size: 75 x 85
cold batik

Panel Dawn in the country Elfov

Panel "Dawn in the country Elfov"
The size:  95 x 180 сm
cold batik

Batik Fan-shap

The size: 59 x 59
cold batik

Batik Color of day

Batik "Color of day"
The size: 63 x 112 сm
cold batik

Picture Amazon

Picture "Amazon"
The size:  76 x 76
cold batik

Batik Bumblebee

Batik "Bumblebee"
The size: 36 x 86 сm cold batik

Batik Gentle night

Batik "Gentle night"
The size: 63 x 83 сm
cold batik

Picture Melancholia

Picture «Melancholia»
The size: 65 x 87
cold batik

Fragile dreams Kleopatra

Diptych "Fragile dreams Kleopatra"
The size:   90 x 140 сm
cold batik

Picture Mask

Picture "Mask"
The size: 25 x 44
cold batik

cold batik

Poncho Iris

Poncho "Iris"
cold batik

Batik Evening of color of chocolate

Batik "Evening of color of chocolate"
cold batik

Batik Autumn walt

Batik "Autumn waltz"
The size: 90 x 110 сm
cold batik

Dress Iris

Dress "Iris"
cold batik

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