Elena Vedernikova's new works

Postcard with a batic,
the size 14х12 sm, the price for one postcard - 10 $
E-mail: veki@bk.ru, 89124534186
Batik My world

Picture "My world"
The size:   71 x 71 сm
hot, cold batik

Batik The first snow

Picture "The first snow"
The size:  93 x 96 сm
hot, cold batik

Batik Taming soap bubbles

Panel "Taming soap bubbles"
The size:   90 x 90 сm
cold batik

Batik The angel - keeper

Picture "The angel - keeper"
The size: 73 x 73 сm
cold batik, 1400 $

Batik Gossips

Picture "Gossips"
The size:   87 x 89 сm
cold batik, 1000 $

Batik Befor ball

Batik "Befor ball"
The size:  70 x 87 сm
cold batik, 900 $

Batik Gardener

Batik "Gardener"
The size:   71 x 92 сm,
cold batik, 1400 $

Batik Tender Words

Batik "Tender Words"
The size:  80 x 81 сm
cold batik, 1500 $

Solar confetti

Batik "Solar confetti"
The size: 72 x 72 сm
cold batik, 1600 $

Colorful Dreams

"Colorful Dreams"

The size:   35 x 62 сm
cold batik, 360 $

Batik "Elf"
The size: 60 x 120 сm
cold batik

Batik Spring

Panel "Spring"
The size: 28 x 37 сm hot, cold batik

Batik Destruction of butterflies

Batik "Destruction of butterflies"
The size: 59 x 80 сm,
cold batik, 1000 $

Batik Sweet dream

Batik "Sweet dream"
The size: 33 x 43 сm
cold batik


Batik "Swallows"
The size: 73 x 73 сm
hot batik

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